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Your eyes are the first impression when you meet someone. Unfortunately because of aging, like the skin in other areas, the skin around the eyes can be sagging too. As people age, the skin especially under the eyes becomes thinner and loses elasticity. In addition, gravity pulled down the fat tissue under the eyes, making them sag and create hollow eyes. Some environmental factors such as sun exposure also make it worse. Even though sometimes you can cover it with makeup, in some degrees, makeup cannot cover the wrinkles and bags under eyes. A wrinkle reduction treatment is needed. If you give up on covering them with concealer, this treatment is perfect for you.

What is SmoothEye Intensive Rejuvenation Laser?

SmoothEye Intensive Rejuvenation Laser is a laser treatment to treat wrinkles and sagging skin around the eyes which commonly due to aging. This treatment is a non-surgical alternative to improve the skin quality around the eyes, including under eye wrinkles, dark circles, and eye bag. SmoothEye Intensive Rejuvenation Laser is a non-invasive treatment which means there will be no incision or injection during the procedure. This procedure uses laser energy to stimulate collagen production and tighten the skin around the eyes. As a result, the skin becomes healthier and tighten, leaving you a younger and fresher appearance. 

How Does it Work?

SmoothEye Intensive Rejuvenation Laser is a non-ablative laser treatment. This type of laser precisely targets the damaged area without interfering with surrounding healthier tissues. The procedure uses Er:YAG laser energy from Fotona SMOOTH® mode to stimulate collagen and elastin remodeling as well as tighten existing collagen. As we know, collagen and elastin are responsible for skin elasticity. This Smoothmode™ laser is patented and specifically designed to treat the delicate eye area.

Before having the treatment, anesthetic cream is applied around the eyes to minimize the discomfort. This treatment uses safe high energy to be delivered to the skin. During the treatment, like other laser treatments, you will feel a warm and prickling sensation on the treated area. The treatment takes about 30 minutes to complete. This quick procedure makes it possible for patients to be fitted into their busy schedules.

What Should I Expect After Having an SmoothEye Intensive Rejuvenation Laser?

Patients can expect redness and mild swelling for 48 hours following the SmoothEye Intensive Rejuvenation Laser treatment. After about a week you might notice the treated area becomes dry and peeled. If needed, our doctor will give you growth factor ointment to be applied at home, so it can heal faster.

SmoothEye Intensive Rejuvenation Laser can give an amazing result with no downtime required. Most patients can see a noticeable result immediately or after a week after the tightening effect. The result keeps improving between 4-8 weeks as the new collagen production increases and tightens the area.

SmoothEye Intensive Rejuvenation Laser Post Care

Sunscreen application on the treated area is a must. Sun exposure is one of the factors that cause wrinkles and loose skin. We don’t want the treatment not to give the best result you desire. You also need to avoid heat exposure such as sunbathing and sauna for two days after the treatment.

Frequently Asked Question

Am I a good candidate for SmoothEye Intensive Rejuvenation Laser?

If you want to get rid of those tired-looking eyes without covering them with makeup, this treatment is recommended for you. Rather than having an expensive and long surgery procedure, SmoothEye Intensive Rejuvenation Laser is a great alternative for you to get rid of wrinkles and sagging skin around your eyes. Find out here to check if you are a good candidate for this treatment.
Can I remove dark circles under the eyes too with SmoothEye Intensive Rejuvenation Laser?

Yes, you can. Due to aging and loss of collagen, the skin under the eyes becomes thinner causing the blood vessels to become more visible. This makes dark circles under eyes appear. With SmoothEye Intensive Rejuvenation Laser treatment, the laser beam that is delivered through the skin during the treatment will stimulate collagen production. This increasing collagen can help to restore the skin quality and cover the blood vessels' appearance under the skin. As the result, you will get fuller and fresher skin under your eyes.
Is it painful?

The pain of the SmoothEye Intensive Rejuvenation Laser treatment should be minimal since our nurse will apply numbing cream 30-45 minutes before the treatment starts.
Is it safe?

Yes, Fotona SMOOTH® is a safe laser treatment. This unique laser treatment is designed to treat signs of aging in the sensitive and delicate skin around the eyes.
Is there any side effect of SmoothEye Intensive Rejuvenation Laser?

Some side effects such as redness and puffiness on eyes might occur but will subside after 48 hours. There are no serious side effects reported associated with SmoothEye Intensive Rejuvenation Laser treatment. Dry and peeled skin on the treated area are also normal side effects and won’t longer than a week.
Do I need some sessions?

The SmoothEye Intensive Rejuvenation Laser is recommended to be done in three sessions for a greater result, with 3-6 weeks intervals. However, it depends on the skin condition severity. You may consider under eye filler. Other than Dermal Filler, our doctor may also suggest other rejuvenation treatments such as Collagen Stimulator, Skin Boosters, MMFU, or Exilis Ultra 360 as the additional treatment plan.
Can I do it in one session?

Patients can come with a single treatment for SmoothEye Intensive Rejuvenation Laser if they have reached their desired result. However, it is important to discuss it further with our professionals to achieve the maximum result.
How long does SmoothEye Intensive Rejuvenation Laser last?

The result can be noticeable immediately after the treatment and keep improving for up to two months. If you follow the treatment plan and post-care instructions, the result of SmoothEye Intensive Rejuvenation Laser treatment can last up to six months after your last session.
What is the difference between Eye Intensive Rejuvenation Laser, Exilis Ultra 360, and MMFU?

These treatments can help to reduce wrinkles and tighten the skin. However, they use different energy delivered to the skin. SmoothEye Intensive Rejuvenation Laser uses Er:YAG laser energy and penetrated into the skin. While MMFU uses focused ultrasound technology and targets the deeper layer of the skin. And Exilis Ultra 360 uses both radio frequency and ultrasound energy to target the skin to be tightened. However, they have different degrees of tightening effects. Exilis Ultra 360 and MMFU are not only used to tighten the eyes area but also the face and body area. On the other hand, Fotona SMOOTH® is designed to treat the eyes area. It is necessary to consult and discuss your desired result with our expert. A further treatment plan will be explained to you after the skin examination.

Signs of aging and environmental factors can affect your skin appearance, including your under eyes skin. SmopthEye Intensive Rejuvenation Laser is a great option to treat wrinkles, sagging skin, as well as dark circles under the eyes. Feel free to visit and consult with our professional doctors. ETERNA Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Clinic Bali provides comprehensive treatments for your beauty concern. It is important to take care of and treat your skin concern, rather than covering them up. Restore your confidence and talk with those beautiful eyes! Book your appointment here.