Nail Fungus Removal with Fotona Laser

Taking care of your nails is as important as taking care of your skin. Not only does it make your hands and feet look great, but it also helps to prevent infection and damage. Having brittle fingernails or yellow toenails is embarrassing. Nails can be thickened and discolored due to many conditions, one of which is because of fungal infection. Some anti-fungal remedies and topical medications are common ways to treat nail fungus. However, these traditional ways can be a long and expensive process. The most effective treatment that can be done to eliminate nail fungus is with Fotona Laser. With Fotona Laser, restoring your healthy nails is possible without medication or surgery.

Achieve Healthy Nails Again:
Fotona Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus Removal

What is Nail Fungus?

Nail fungus or onychomycosis occurs when the nail is infected by overgrowing yeast or fungus. Normally, fungi along with bacteria are in our body parts, especially in our toenails. However, they can grow rapidly when your feet are often warm and damp. Wearing sweaty socks and not keeping your feet clean and dry is the common cause of toe nail fungus.

The symptoms of nail fungus are associated with yellow and thickened nails. Some patients might also experience smelly and cracks on the nails. In severe cases, the infected nail can be loosened and separated with the nail bed. This nail infection can affect either fingernails or toenails. But toenail fungus is the most common.

People who have a lot of activities on the water tend to have nail fungus easily. People with diabetes, poor blood circulation, older age, psoriasis (skin condition when skin cells build up and cause itchiness), nail bed injury, and lower immune system have a higher risk. Nail fungus is also contagious. You can be infected by a fungus that already exists on your feet, also by direct contact with someone else with nail fungus or the use of an infected nail clipper. 

Fungal nail infection is not life-threatening. However, its existence can bother your appearance aesthetically and affect your confidence. But alas, nail fungus cannot go away on their own, and if not treated it can spread to other nails or surrounding skin on the foot. Therefore, an effective treatment is needed. But thanks to advanced laser technology, nail fungus can be treated quickly and efficiently with Fotona Laser.

How Does Fotona Laser Work for Nail Fungus?

Fungi are sensitive to laser light and can be destroyed at high temperatures. Fotona uses Nd:YAG laser to target the nail fungus and prevent them from degenerating. At the same time, the laser energy promotes the natural healing process. As a result, the new healthy nail is restored. With a controlled heat, Fotona can deliver the laser energy to deeper layers of the nail bed precisely without affecting surrounding healthy tissue. 

Before the treatment, your nail will be trimmed down for the laser able to fully penetrate the nail. During the treatment, you might feel the heat radiate through the infected nail and surrounding tissue. The gentle laser is set to be comfortable enough for the patients. Overall, most patients report that there is no pain during the treatment. The procedure only takes about 10 minutes for each nail. Since there is no injection, incision, or anesthesia, you can return to your daily routine immediately after the treatment. With just a few sessions, nail fungus can be effectively treated without pain, medication, and downtime. No wonder Fotona Laser become the best toenail fungus treatment.

What Can I Expect After Having Nail Fungus Removal with Fotona Laser?

Onychomycosis treatment with Fotona Laser is quick and effective. It can permanently eliminate the toe fungus. After having this nail fungus treatment, as the new nail grows, you should notice a healthier nail appear. Depending on every patient's nail growth phase, a fully clear nail can be achieved around 9-10 months.

Is it more effective than topical cream and oral medication?

Most people may not be familiar yet with laser for toenail fungus treatment. They tend to have a topical cream and oral medication. Some of these medications might work to treat nail fungus. However, oral medication might have side effects on your internal organs. On the other hand, the use of topical cream cannot penetrate a deeper layer of the nails where the infection occurs. In other words, it does not address the main problem under your toenail. Removing your nail is not the answer as well, because it does not eliminate the nail fungus. So, compared to these methods, the Fotona laser is a safer, more effective result, and more comfortable.

Frequently Asked Question

Am I a good candidate for Nail Fungus Removal?

If you are suffering from onychomycosis, this laser treatment is perfect for you. Nail fungus removal with Fotona laser is a quick and effective treatment to restore your nails to a pristine state.
Is it painful?

Nail fungus removal with Fotona Laser is a comfortable treatment. You might feel a warm sensation on the treated area as the laser is administered. If needed, an anesthetic cream or injection will be applied to minimize discomfort.
Is it safe and effective?

Fotona laser is a revolutionary laser device that can deliver a safe and effective laser to treat onychomycosis. The Fotona laser device is FDA-approved. Studies show that nail fungus removal with Fotona laser has the most successful clinical result. The laser energy can precisely penetrate and weakened the parasitic fungus.
Is there any downtime?

There is no downtime needed after having this onychomycosis laser treatment. After the procedure, you can continue your normal activities.
Is there any side effect?

Compared to traditional methods, such as chemical diffusion in topical medication, there is no side effect of this nail fungus removal laser treatment. Fotona laser treatment does not involve chemicals or incisions.
Do I need some sessions?

Fotona nail fungus removal is usually performed 4-8 times at one-week intervals. Each session can be done in less than 20 minutes.

Nail fungus can be discomfort and lower your confidence. If you find those topical and oral medications failed to restore your nails' beauty and health, you can rely on Fotona laser. Eterna Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Clinic Bali provides comprehensive treatments to enhance your natural beauty including your nail concern. Schedule a consultation with our experts and restore your healthy nails.