Restore Your Confidence with IntimaLase

Ladies, have you heard that rejuvenating your intimate area can be done without surgery? We might be familiar with laser treatments for skin rejuvenation. But thanks to the advance innovation, skin rejuvenation laser does not only give benefits for your skin, but also for your intimate area. The laser treatment for intimate area has helped many women restore their confidence. Rather than undergoing surgery for vaginal tightening and vaginal rejuvenation, laser treatment is worth considering. This treatment is safe, effective, and with minimum downtime.

What is IntimaLase?

IntimaLase is a vaginal tightening treatment that is done by Fotona Laser. This vaginal rejuvenation laser procedure is indicated for women who struggle from vaginal relaxation syndrome (VRS). Vaginal relaxation syndrome is a condition when the vaginal wall enlarges in diameter and loses its elasticity. This condition occurs generally due to overstretching of the vaginal canal during childbirth and natural aging.

Vaginal relaxation syndrome might not threaten women’s life. However this condition affects sexual life, both for women and for their partner. IntimaLase helps to rejuvenate the vaginal canal by stimulating the vaginal wall tissue to be tightened.

How Does it Work?

IntimaLase focuses on tightening the vaginal canal wall. In this laser vaginal tightening procedure, a non-ablative laser is used. The laser energy thermally affects the vaginal tissues. As we know the laser heat is able to stimulate collagen production. In this procedure, the laser works the same way. It boosts collagen remodel and produces new fibers in the vaginal mucosa tissues. These collagen and fibers then contribute to tighten the vaginal tissue. The final result is the vaginal wall becomes tightened.

Anesthetic cream is applied on the treated area beforehand. After around 30 minutes, you will feel numb and the procedure will begin. A small laser hand-piece will be inserted to your intimate area. Because of anesthetic cream, you will not feel any pain. When the laser is radiated through your vaginal wall, you will feel warm. This procedure lasts for 30 minutes. 

What Can I Expect After Having IntimaLase?

Scientific studies have shown the effectiveness of Fotona IntimaLase. This treatment has proven to tighten the vaginal canal. Patients achieve greater sexual satisfaction and an improvement in their quality of life after the treatment. The procedure is also easy to perform and safe.

You may feel more moisturized in your intimate area within the first week. Then after four weeks you will start to notice the tightening effect. For greater result, it is recommended to have a minimum of two sessions. The repetition can be done every 2-3 weeks. IntimaLase is the safest vaginal tightening procedure to rejuvenate and tighten your intimate area instead of costly and high risk vaginal plastic surgery.

IntimaLase Post Care

IntimaLase is a walk-in walk-out procedure. You can return to your activities immediately. However, it is important to follow the post-care procedure to prevent any side effect occurs. The post-care procedure includes no sexual intercourse for two weeks after the treatment. The use of a tampon is also not recommended. Further post-care information will be explained by our doctor after the treatment.

Frequently Asked Question

Who is the best candidate for labia tightening treatment?

Women who experience vaginal relaxation syndrome are the best candidates for IntimaLase. However keep in mind that further consultation with the professional is necessary for a full check up before starting the treatment plan. This procedure cannot be performed to women during menstruation and pregnancy.
Is it painful?

This procedure should not be painful at all. During the procedure, you will feel the warmth radiate through your intimate area. Before the procedure begins, our nurse will numb the intimate area for about 30 minutes.
Is it safe?

Yes, IntimaLase is a safe laser procedure. No need for general anesthesia, injection, or incision. We also ensure that every procedure is done in a sterile way. All our medical instruments are sterilized with an Autoclave
Is it safe for nursing women?

Yes, is it safe for nursing women. However it is not recommended for pregnant women.
Is there any downtime?

There is no downtime for IntimaLase. You can continue your daily activity after the procedure. Even most of our patients come for this procedure during their lunch break.
Is there any side effect?

Most patients report that there is no side effect after having IntimaLase. Redness, pain, and a little bit of bleeding or spotting might happen, but only in small cases. Make sure to always follow our post care instructions to avoid these side effects.
Do I need some sessions?

Yes, you need some sessions for greater results. The recommendation is 2-4 sessions. This will depend on condition severity and your expectation. However, most patients have noticed the tighten effect after first treatment.
Will IntimaLase help incontinence (loss of bladder) too?

No, IntimaLase works by stimulating collagen and fibers on the vaginal wall. Its focus is to improve vaginal laxity. Incontinence (loss of bladder) can be treated with IncontiLase. Even though they use the same device (Fotona Laser) and have similar procedures, IncontiLase uses different pulses and aims in different area. IntimaLase aims to tighten the vaginal canal, while IncontiLase aims at the bladder tissues and muscles.

Thanks to technology, restoring and improving women’s intimate area can be done without surgery. With laser technology, intimate rejuvenation can be done quickly, safely, and less costly. Are you ready to restore your youth?

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