Dermal Fillers:
Best Facial Proportion & Natural Contour 
of the Face

What is Dermal Filler?

Dermal filler or injectable fillers is one of the most common cosmetic injectables treatments which is designed to add volume, to lift, and to contour your facial features.

Dermal filler is a very popular treatment in the aesthetic and anti-aging field after Botox because the result is instant with minimal downtime.

Dermal filler can be used to smooth away wrinkles and fine lines, create fuller lips, and shape facial contour, such as cheeks and chin, and also to revitalize the skin. The most common treated areas include lips (adding volume and shape), nasolabial folds, also cheeks, chin, and jawline to contour the face.

The function of dermal fillers can be classified as:

Add volume
The most common area to be added by hyaluronic injection is lips. Many women are obsessed with fuller and plump lips since Angeline Jolie became the most beautiful star with her full lips. Then Kylie Jenner also made this trend becoming more popular. Lip filler is a great option to realize this. Not only to create more volume on lips, dermal filler is also used to correct the shapes of your lips. Different types of fillers can also be used to hydrate the lips.

Facial contouring
Having a golden proportion of facial features is everyone’s dream. Creating sharp and defined facial features can be done with face fillers. The most common facial areas to be contoured with dermal fillers are jawline, cheek, and chin. Sharper jawline can create a more defined look. Adding a small amount of fillers on your chin can reduce double chin appearance. And to create a more defined mid face, cheek fillers can be done to lift and restore loss volume of the cheek. Facial contouring with dermal fillers is a great alternative to enhance your natural beauty without having surgery.

Smooth wrinkle filler and fine lines
Wrinkles and fine lines are signs of aging. Facial expression and lifestyle such as smoking can create wrinkles around the mouth. Volume loss on under eyes also creates hollows and makes you look tired and older. This is where dermal fillers can help. With sufficient amount, fillers can plump and smooth the wrinkles and fine lines, leaving you a younger look.

Revitalize the skin
As we mentioned above, dermal filler is made of Hyaluronic Acid which its main function is to moisturize the skin. Less cross-linking Hyaluronic Acid injections face is used as skin hydration. This type of cosmetic fillers improve skin quality, resulting in healthy and glowing skin.  

How Does It Work?

As we age, our face naturally loses subcutaneous fat. Our body’s ability to produce collagen and elastin will decrease over time. Approximately our body will produce 1% less collagen in our 20s. Losing collagen will cause lack of skin elasticity and volume loss. As a result the skin will be thinner and begin to sag. This is when face injections or Hyaluronic Acid fillers can fix it.

A substance called Hyaluronic Acid is injected to the target area, under the skin. It is a natural substance which is naturally produced in our body, especially in skin, eyes, and joints. The primary function of Hyaluronic Acid on our body is to provide moisture. Made from a gel-based natural sugar, injectable Hyaluronic Acid revitalizes and adds volume to the treated area instantly.

Our expert doctor injects the aesthetic gel in small controlled doses under the skin of the treated area. The injection takes about 15 minutes up to an hour, depending on how many areas you have the injection.

What to Expect After Filler?

The result will be visible immediately after the treatment. Swelling and bruising is completely normal. Especially for lip filler, the size of your lips immediately after treatment is not a true reflection of the final result. Minor swelling can last between a few hours or day.

Dermal Fillers Post Care

Healing time would be different for each person, some people might experience swelling longer than others. However here are the post care you should follow after having dermal fillers:

1. For the first 24 hours do not wear heavy makeup.
2. Avoid touching the injected area for 6 hours.
3. Swelling, redness, and bruising are common side effects of dermal fillers. To reduce them, it is advisable to compress the injected area with an ice pack or you can take a simple painkiller such as Paracetamol to reduce discomfort. 
4. You should also avoid heat and sun exposure, such as heavy exercise, sauna, sunbathing, and drinking alcohol. These can increase the swelling and bruising.
5. Facial treatments such as deep chemical peels, facials, and ablative laser treatments should not be performed for at least two weeks.
6. For lip fillers, it is advisable to avoid too hot or too cold beverages. And try not to kiss for 2 weeks to avoid filler migration.

Frequently Asked Question

Am I a good candidate for fillers?

For those who do not want to undergo surgery, dermal fillers are a great option to eliminate wrinkles and other signs of aging. Fillers are also a favorite treatment to contour facial features and add volume on certain areas of the face. Everyone who desires to do those is a good candidate for dermal fillers injection. However, if you are pregnant or breast-feeding and have an allergic reaction to Hyaluronic Acid, you are not a good candidate to have dermal fillers.
Is it painful?

Slight discomfort might happen during the injection. However anesthetic cream will be applied prior to the treatment to minimize the pain.
What is the side effect of dermal fillers?

Swelling, bruising, redness, and pain are common side effects of injectable fillers. However, these will subside within a few hours or days.
What should I do before having dermal fillers?

There is no specific requirement before having dermal fillers. However it is important to stop any blood thinner medication such aspirin to avoid excessive bleeding and bruising. And make sure that you are in good health.
How long will I see the result?

The reason why dermal fillers are people's favorite treatment is its instant result. You can see the result immediately after the injection.
How long does dermal fillers last?

Most dermal fillers last for 6-18 months, depending on the type and the brand of dermal fillers you have. Different areas of injection will need different types of dermal fillers. For cheek, chin, jawline area, the fillers can last up to 18 months. For a thinner type of Hyaluronic Acid such as for under eyes area, it can last up to 12 months. And lip fillers can last up to 9 months. Each individual absorbs the dermal fillers substance differently. It depends on each metabolism and lifestyle.
Which brand of dermal filler should I have?

There are many brands of dermal fillers in the market. Here at ETERNA Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Clinic, we provide Juvederm, Restylane, and Teosyal. Different functions and injected areas will need different fillers. It is important to always consult with the doctor before having dermal fillers injection.
To create a sharp facial contouring, you will need thicker filler which will be chosen by the experienced doctor adjusted to your needs.
How much filler will I need?

The amount of dermal filler you need depends on the treated area. Your purpose to use dermal fillers also determines how much filler you need. You can check out below as your guide:
- Lip filler: 1 ml
- Cheeks: 2-4 ml
- Chin: 2-3 ml
- Jawline: 3-6 ml
- Smile lines: 1-2 ml
- Tear troughs: 1 ml
- Temples: 1-2 ml
- As skin booster or to revitalize: 2-3 ml
It is recommended to always have consultation prior to treatment. The best dermal filler injector is the one that understands how to enhance your facial feature with natural results. Find your filler injector here
What is the difference between dermal fillers and Botox?

Both dermal fillers and Botox can help to minimize wrinkles and fine lines appearance. But they are different. The substance used in dermal filler injection is Hyaluronic Acid, while Botox is Botulinum Toxin, neurotoxin which is produced by bacteria.
Hyaluronic Acid is injected to fill in under wrinkles skin so the skin will plump up, usually for wrinkles under eyes and around the mouth area. On the other hand, Botox is injected to paralyze some muscles that cause wrinkles form such as frown lines, forehead, and crow’s feet area. As anti-aging treatments, both dermal fillers and Botox are a great combination. You can read more about Botox here.
What should I do if I don’t like the result?

Even though you can see the result immediately, fillers will be settled after about 2 weeks. And if the result is not what you desire, you can consult it with the doctor. If you think that the filler is too much, we can neutralize the Hyaluronic Acid with Hyaluronidase injection.
Can I have dermal filler treatment on my nose?

Some of you might be interested in having a nose filler to create a sharp and pointy nose. Even though some clinics provide dermal fillers injection for the nose, ETERNA Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Clinic does not recommend dermal fillers on nose area because of its high risk. However, our doctors will recommend thread lift treatment for nose shaping instead. Compared to dermal fillers, thread is more effective to create sharp and lift nose because of its sturdy material. To get to know more about thread lift, you can check here.

Dermal fillers are the most popular treatment after Botox. Over thousands of dermal fillers are performed at ETERNA Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Clinic. Book a consultation with our experts and look best with dermal fillers!