Get Your Ideal Body Shape with CRYOLIPOLYSIS

Having an ideal body is everyone's dream, especially for women. Even though the concept of the ideal body may vary by culture and race, according to most studies, an ideal body type for women is an hourglass body type. This type of body shape is considered the most attractive. Whereas for men, the most attractive body type according to recent studies is someone who has a muscular upper body.

Both men and women try to achieve their body goals through workouts and diet control. However, some stubborn fat cannot be easily gotten rid of. A surgical procedure such as liposuction can be done to achieve their desired body goals. Before deciding to have major surgery such as liposuction, consider the risks of general anesthesia and invasive surgical interventions. Cryolipolysis by Cristal Pro is something worth trying. Even though Cryolipolysis cannot exactly replace traditional liposuction, this procedure can reduce the fat by up to 30%. Rather than undergo surgery to get rid of the fat at a high cost, Cryolipolysis by Cristal Pro is ideal for body contouring.

Put Your Dream Body Within

What is Cryolipolysis by Cristal Pro?

Cryolipolysis by Cristal Pro is a non-invasive and non-surgical body contouring procedure to eliminate stubborn fat permanently by freezing down the fat deposit. This procedure is also known as Fat Freezing. Cristal Pro is the latest generation of medical cryolipolysis devices with 360-degree body-shaping concepts that allow you to reshape your face and for body sculpting at the same time. The powerful cooling system of the applicators also allows a shorter treatment time. Thanks to the technology of Cristal Pro, you can now contour your entire body without surgery or anesthesia.

Which Areas Can Be Done with Cristal Pro?

One of the benefits of Cristal Pro is its full range of applicators. Four applicators can be applied at the same time, making this treatment time efficient. There are eight applicators available. They are varied for different area uses, from very small fat deposits for the face to large fat removal for the abdomen and other large areas. That is why Cristal Pro is a quick and effective treatment for stomach fat removal. The other areas that can be done with Cristal Pro includes the chin, calves, arms, inner and outer thighs, back, buttocks, and knees.

How Does Cristal Pro Work?

Cristal Pro uses a controlled cooling method to freeze the fat cells until they crystallize. This crystallized fat is then permanently destroyed and eliminated through body metabolism. Before the procedure, you will have a professional consultation with our doctor to determine whether you are a good candidate for cryolipolysis with Cristal Pro or not. You can also discuss your desired goal during consultation.

The first step of this fat-freezing procedure is fat measurement. There are two measurements will be done in this step. The first measurement is the fat fold measurement using a Cristal Pro caliper on the treated area to measure the thickness of the fat fold. Photo documentation will also be done in this step to record your initial condition. The next measurement is the fat layer measurement using an ultrasound scanner. This integrated ultrasound can precisely measure the subcutaneous fatty tissues. This measurement will define parameters for the fat sculpting process to achieve your body goals.

The next step is gel pad application. A cryoprotective gel pad will be applied to the treated area to protect your skin from freezing devices during the procedure. This gel pad is disposable. And we always make sure that we only use the authentic gel pad from Cristal Pro by scanning the barcode on the packaging before applying it to our patients.

The applicator is then attached to the treated area. The applicator works by sucking up the fatty pocket. The temperature is set at -12 C, and the freezing process begins. This procedure takes approximately 1-2 hours, depending on the area. During the first five minutes of the procedure, you may feel a pulling and pinching sensation. But then you will feel numb on your skin due to the cold, and you will no longer feel any discomfort. While having the procedure, you can comfortably lie down or sit while reading or listening to your favorite music.

When the session is over, the applicator is removed. Our doctor will massage the treated area to accelerate the lymphatic drainage process. The result of cryolipolysis by Cristal Pro is not visible directly. The crystallized fat will be eliminated naturally through your metabolism system in 8 weeks. This will be a great natural process, especially if you are looking for belly fat removal.

What to Expect After Having a Cryolipolysis Procedure

Right after the fat freezing treatment, you will notice the treated area has become a hard, frozen lump. It may also look or feel stiff and become pale or white. These are normal reactions and will resolve within minutes.

The following day, you might feel soreness, cramping, or a muscle spasm in the treated area, especially on the abdomen. You might also experience redness, deep itching, and tenderness when touching the treated area. These are common side effects of Cristal Pro. To reduce these side effects, our nurse will prepare a calming cream for you to apply at home.

In the following 2–3 months, the fat cells are gradually eliminated naturally from your body. The result of cryolipolysis with Cristal Pro is permanent. However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important. Our doctor will give you extensive advice regarding a healthy diet to maintain your new body. There is no downtime for cryo fat freezing with Cristal Pro. You can continue your activities after the treatment.

What Should I Do After Having Cryolipolysis?

Due to the fat tissue being eliminated through your metabolism system, it is recommended to drink plenty of water after the treatment.  The minimum recommendation is 2 liters. Make sure to always take care of your body with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Frequently Asked Question

Am I a good candidate for Cryolipolysis by Cristal Pro?

Cryolipolysis by Cristal Pro is a perfect body contouring solution for those who want to get rid of stubborn fat that they cannot easily get rid of through a workout. Both men and women of all ages are suited for this treatment.
However, Cristal Pro is not performed for those with severe skin conditions and cold-related disorders. A pregnant or nursing woman is not recommended. Patients who have had recent surgery or have scar tissue in the area to be treated, including c-section surgery, need to wait at least 6 months to do this procedure. Further consultation is required before having cryolipolysis by Cristal Pro to make sure that you don't have any contraindications.
Is Cryolipolysis painful?

Cryolipolysis with Cristal Pro is painless. You don't need anesthesia or pain killer medication before the treatment. You might feel discomfort at the beginning of the treatment. However, it will go once your skin is numb because of the cold.
Is it safe?

Cryolipolysis by Cristal Pro has been proven safe by numerous clinical studies. More than one million treatments of Cristal Pro have been performed worldwide. This treatment does not affect other untreated tissues surrounding the kidney.
Can I exercise after Cryolipolysis?

Yes, there is no downtime after this treatment. You can immediately go back to work after the treatment, including sports activities. Furthermore, exercise is advisable to destroy the fat faster.
How many sessions do I need?

Each patient's situation might vary. Most of the patients only need one session. But depending on the area and your desired result, you might need 1-3 sessions for each area.
How long does Cryolipolysis last?

The result of Cryolipolysis is permanent. However, if you don't maintain your diet intake and don't balance it with exercise, the fat might develop again.
Can I remove my double chin with Cristal Pro?

Yes, Cristal Pro is designed to remove fat pockets not only from the body but also from the face. With the variation in the applicator size, Cristal Pro can target small fatty pockets, such as the chin and jowls. This is one of the benefits of Cristal Pro compared to other Cryolipolysis devices, which can only target large areas.
What makes Cristal Pro different from other cryolipolysis devices?

Cristal Pro is one of the most effective Cryolipolysis devices in the world. Compared to other cryolipolysis devices, the Cristal Pro can treat some areas at the same time. Furthermore, its patented cooling system allows it to work powerfully to get maximum results in a shorter time. Cristal Pro can also target more specific areas that other devices find difficult to target, such as jowls and axillary folds (the fat behind the armpits). As the result, Cristal Pro can give you a smoother contour.
Can I tighten my skin with Cryolipolysis by Cristal Pro?

Cristal Pro is designed to treat stubborn fat. To tighten the skin, Exilis Ultra 360 is the best solution. However Cristal Pro and Exilis Ultra 360 are the best combination treatments for body contouring. Cristal Pro results can be maximized with Exilis Ultra 360. This treatment can help to burn the excess fat faster and, moreover, tighten the skin.
Due to losing fat, your skin might have excess skin. This excess skin can be effectively tightened with Exilis Ultra 360. As a result, you don't only get rid of the stubborn fat but also tighten your skin.

Numerous clinical studies have shown and proven that Cryolipolysis by Cristal Pro can naturally reduce fat tissues effectively. As you can see, Cristal Pro offers many benefits for body contouring. This treatment is safe, effective, quick, and most importantly, cost-efficient. Having your desired body type is not a dream anymore. Raise your confidence with the body contouring program at ETERNA Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Clinic Bali.

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