Eterna Aesthetic & Anti Aging

Our Story


Eterna Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Clinic was established in January 2020. Located in the heart of Kuta, at ECCOS Plaza 1st Floor, Jalan Sunset Road 77b, Kuta Bali, Indonesia. Skin Clinic Bali

Eterna Clinic offers new concept for an aesthetic and anti-aging clinic for men and women to boost their self-confidence and be the best version they can be.

Providing a one-stop beauty and anti-aging solution for all ages. Not only for facial reshaping and rejuvenation treatments are available at Eterna clinic, skin clinic also body contouring and slimming treatments which enhance the beauty of our customers.

Eterna clinis is present to help you to redefine and revitalizing your beauty. This pleasure of elegance place committed to implementing those treatments that deliver results without trading off comfort, side effects and downtime.

dr. Rosalina Silvia Dewi, M.Biomed (AAM)., Dipl. AAAM

Dr Rosa achieved a master degree in Anti-Aging Medicine in Udayana University and further studies at the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (USA).

In her opinion, each of us has a unique profile with certain beauty within. Therefore providing the right balance of aesthetic treatment for a natural look is the key. The most important aspect of Dr Rosa’s work is carefully understanding and addressing patient’s needs.

With her extensive medical knowledge and numerous experiences in aesthetic procedures, she is not only an expert of injectable treatments, but also laser treatments and other non-surgical aesthetic treatments since 2007.

As a founder of ETERNA Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Clinic Bali, she believes that with the combination of an expert doctor and specialized clinic, most aesthetic procedures can be done safely with an excellent result.

dr. Nila Wardhani, Sp.KK

Dr Nila is a Board-Certified Dermatologist with years of experience in treating various skin conditions, including nail and hair conditions. She is also proficient in injectable treatments, laser and energy based device treatments, and minor surgery. With compassion and understanding, Dr Nila provides careful treatments for all ages, including children, adults, and elderly.

Dr Nila actively aesthetic and dermatology symposiums, workshops, and hands-on training. In 2018, she became a speaker in the International Master Course on Aging Science (IMCAS). Dr Nila also takes part in research and journal publication in aesthetic and dermatology field.